Self Treatment

When you stretch you're not just stretching muscles alone. Muscles cannot be separated from the fascial tissue.  By getting into a comfortable stretching position and waiting long enough, perhaps with the use of an inflatable therapy ball, the fascia's substance inside its fibrils, will go through a transition phase to where it can return to it's natural fluid state.  This allows for more mobility and a general healthier state. Relaxing into a sustained position for at least 5 minutes invites deeper releases to be reached.  The time period is essential for optimal benefits. Try it yourself to experience movement that feels freer and easier!

Come join my Stretch Therapy class on Fridays @ 10:30 a.m. at The Savage Project Collective Studio in Freeport, FL  

Stretching Guide Books:

Comprehensive Myofascial Self Treatment  by Joyce Patterson, P.T.

Myofascial Stretching A Guide To Self Treatment  by Jill Stedronsky Morton, MS, OTR & Brenda Pardy, OTR

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