Treatment Sessions

Treatments are individualized and consist of various MFR techniques.  A typical session begins with a brief, standing postural analysis.  This is used as a starting point and a guide for how I will proceed with the treatment session. 'Reading' the body can suggest where possible fascial restrictions may lie. 

Your first treatment is a 90 minute session and includes an assessment and client education for self treatment suggestions. Any following sessions are 60 minutes.

Often when postural deviations are brought more into alignment, painful symptoms or feelings of tightness will subside.  Balanced posture provides optimal space allowing for optimal overall function of all of the body's systems.

 Here's an idea to consider! 

Come to Northwest Florida for a week of Enhanced Healing. This is a customized schedule in which you can get treated everyday with your choice of 1-2 sessions a day for as many days as you choose.  In addition, you will be shown suggestions for myofascial stretches and self therapy.

The Enhanced Healing week is an option for you if you want to treat chronic issues.

You may bring a 2 pc. swim suit or stretchy shorts and a tank top or sports bra for women to wear during your sessions and swim trunks or gym shorts for men.

Also please refrain from using body lotion or sunscreen before your appointment.

I request that you refrain from strong fragrances in consideration of other clients sensitivities.


Find the 'real you' beneath your pains and stresses!